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After much procrastination I finally made an appointment with my Dr. for my blood work and I couldn’t be happier! For the 1st time in a LONG time all my results were within normal range! I was floored! Everything you taught me paid off and it WORKED! Year after year I dreaded getting my blood results back and the lecture that would follow - “Cholesterol is higher than last year, should I put you on medication? Blood sugar is too high, I may have to increase your blood pressure medication. Cut out the sugar. Stop drinking this and that. Why don’t you diet, etc, etc.” But this time all I got was great news. Even my blood pressure was 110 over 80! THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!!! I could’ve NOT done it without your help! God bless you Stacie, thank you…I truly appreciate what you’ve done for me!

Hector R., Bellrose, NY

I started seeing Stacie about two months ago. I’ve suffered most of my life with disordered eating, and had recently been diagnosed with diabetes. She gave me guidelines to follow and walked me through the steps needed to be taken to improve my health. She makes the process manageable and is very supportive in helping to manage not only the food aspect, but other daily habits as well that impact eating and overall well being such as sleep, exercise, stress management, etc. I am feeling so much better, I’ve lost almost 20 pounds so far, and my energy has increased drastically since I started seeing Stacie. I highly recommended Stacie to those seeking help with nutrition.

Theo, Nassau County, NY

Since being recently diagnosed with Crohn's disease, Stacie has helped me to change my diet and make healthier food choices. She is very knowledgeable, supportive and patient as she listened to my concerns. She took the time to explain how the food I had been eating was contributing to my symptoms. She was specific in advising which foods to avoid to minimize my symptoms. Since taking her nutritional advice, I am feeling so much better. I would highly recommend Stacie as she is an amazing Dietitian.

Rob, Syosset, NY

Before my first appointment with Stacie, I didn’t have a diet. I ate lots of sweets, sugar, etc. I was feeling horrible with chest pain and putting on lots of weight. I am also on lots of medication due to a disability. Since meeting with Stacie my life has changed for the better. My health is better, my cholesterol is down and my blood pressure is better too. I’ve benefitted from working with Stacie by learning how to eat healthy and she even helped me to create and organize an eating and food shopping plan. If you want to lose weight and feel better about yourself then I would recommend that you make an appointment with Stacie.

Antonio M., New Hyde Park, NY

I suffered from IBS and didn't know how to handle the condition. I made an appointment with Stacie Castle and she explained to me in layman terms what foods in my diet could be causing my IBS symptoms. She then explained what foods I should to avoid to see if my IBS improved. Luckily it has been working for me. I find that Stacie Castle is warm and knowledgeable in her approach and I would highly recommend her as a Nutritionist and Dietitian.

H.C., Bayside, NY

I have already seen positive results from the changes I have made…. I have lost weight, I have more energy and most importantly my diabetes, cholesterol and high blood pressure are all under control.


I will say this again, working with Stacie has saved my life… I am not on a diet I just eat healthy now…. I read labels, I watch my portions, and I exercise everyday…. Stacie has shown me that you can eat healthy and still enjoy food…. There are no never foods; you just have to make smart choices.


I would recommend anyone who is ready to make positive changes in the way they eat to begin working with Stacie….Ready is the key word… Stacie has all the tools to share and the support that you need to be successful, but without the desire to make changes you will not achieve your goals.


Stacie gave me valuable information regarding Celiac Disease and told me about foods that I could eat, especially brand name foods. Once I started following a Gluten-free diet the abdominal pain I had went away shortly. Hopefully, I will live longer and not be subjected to many of the diseases associated with Celiac Disease. The information she gave me is very valuable and I still refer to it today as a reference when I am not sure about certain ingredients that I can or cannot have. I would recommend Stacie to anyone seeking nutritional counseling because she takes a lot of time to meet with you and really goes over what you can eat.


I plan on having Gastro - Bypass surgery and I feel that I will need Stacie's advice and guidance to help me stay healthy and strong while I am losing the weight. She talks to you in a down to earth way and not confusing like many doctors, but like a good friend. This to me, is very important! She had questioned my knowledge of certain things and corrected me. She made sure that when I walked out of her office I understood what my body needs. She has opened new doors to me in the food and health department. And with the of course of her guidance to keep a healthy life; she will become one of my regular health care providers in my future.


I would recommend Stacie to anyone on a diet or not on a diet. I believe that it should be required that every person should see a licensed Nutritionist at least once a year. The knowledge is mind blowing and maybe we would all be healthier and wiser about our food choices if we did this.


Before I met Stacie I experienced reflux and abdominal bloating frequently. She helped teach me what foods were best for me to eat, and my symptoms subsided. As a nurse I thought I knew the right foods to eat for dieting. I used to eat a lot of prepackaged food and bars all the time. Now I know that eating real foods is best. She taught me how to plan my meals at home as well as how to order in restaurants while maintaining my satisfaction. I learned that I could be satisfied eating out, without gaining weight. She has great little tricks! I would definitely recommend her to anyone who wants to improve their health through what they eat.


I had high cholesterol and was put on Lipitor by my doctor, but had to go off of it since I had muscle cramps from it. Upon my doctor's recommendation he suggested I see Stacie Castle so I could try to lower it through my diet. When I went to see her she asked me what I was currently eating and asked me to keep a food diary. She then made a food plan based on what I liked, but with healthier suggestions. When I had my cholesterol retested on my next visit to the doctor, it had gone into the normal range and I had lost about 10 pounds as well. I am so thankful I do not have to be on medication.


Stacie Castle educated and coached our firm on the "right" way of thinking when it comes to choosing food. Many of the employees now think first before consuming what they are eating or drinking and are aware of the many healthier food options she taught us about. Stacie takes a special interest in each and every individual with a caring and concerned approach. I would not hesitate to recommend Stacie to other companies, as not only is she more than competent, experienced, well rounded and educated; she is accessible and willing to work with and meet the individual needs of our employees.


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